The Top 3 Recent Stories From the US Open Championship

When you start to talk about US Open Championship for golf it is vital to recognize a number of the records, however, it’s also crucial to understand a number of the more current matters which have taken place at this event. This is one of the four most important tournaments on the PGA Tour and it is vitally critical within the golf international.

If you do now not apprehend a lot about golfing, then you definitely do no longer apprehend the importance of U.S Championship. However, in case you are a golfer or you like to observe golf, you then recognize that that is an event which you without a doubt do now not want to overlook. The following 3 stories will come up with top reasons to look at the tournament this 12 months. Btw if you want to watch US Open Championship Live online []

The Top 3 Stories from the US Open Championship from Recent Years

1. The Tiger vs. Rocco Story

If you noticed Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate pass at it a few years ago when Tiger harm his knee, then you definitely don’t forget where Rocco made a call for himself. This became a year that the US Open Championship went to a Monday playoff spherical and Tiger ended up prevailing as he limped through to the cease. Even a runner up end for Rocco changed into enough to give him a superb call in the golf international.

2. The Lucas Glover and Ricky Barnes Story

More lately Lucas Glover received the event and became able to make his first mark at the golfing global. The equal or a man carrying a painter’s cap named Ricky Barnes came out of nowhere to lead after more than one rounds and finish very strong. This becomes the primary time that many golfing lovers ever heard both of those names and now they are constantly playing well in golf tournaments.

3. The John Daly Story

Who can forget about John Daly? He qualified for the US Open Championship just like Rocco did with the aid of going through the neighborhood qualifying and running his way to the actual event. This is how he was given his begin manner back when and this is how he positioned his name on the golfing world.

What are your Options for Viewing the US Open Championship This Year?

You essentially have two perhaps 3 options if you need to look US Open Championship. You can get yourself tickets and watch it live, but this all relies upon on wherein you stay and the way soon you get your tickets. They do sell out each unmarried yr and tickets for the United States Open Championship move very speedily.

You can also watch it on television because it is nationally televised. They will not show the entirety, but they’ll cover most of the tournament. Another option is to look at it on a clever smartphone or for your computer at work if you have to. This isn’t a match to miss a second of and if you need to look every moment you could need to take benefit of this selection.

Basically, you want to see the complete event from Thursday all of the ways via Sunday. Who is aware of, you may get a fifth day this yr with another Monday playoff or it is able to stop on a protracted putt? You never realize what you’ll get when all of the first-rate golfers inside the global get together on the US Open Championship.